"E R - Emergency Repair
for the
Nikonos V Camera"

by Mike Haber & Mike Mesgleski

A flooded Nikonos is an underwater photographer's nightmare. This video details the emergency action you need to take immediately upon noticing a flooded camera underwater. It explains, step-by-step, how to inspect, dismantle, rinse, dry and reassemble your Nikonos V in the field. Having this video with you on your next dive trip is the insurance you need to either get your camera back in service and save your vacation, or minimize the cost of repair at home.

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"The Traveler's Guide
E R - Emergency Repair for the Nikonos V Camera"

by Mike Haber & Mike Mesgleski

This book was designed to guide even the most technically challenged photo diver through the steps necessary to disassemble, rinse, dry and reassemble a Nikonos V camera in the event of an accidental flood. We have illustrated step-by-step, with simple instructions, how to deal with a flood, minimize damage and get back to taking pictures. This guide was designed to be a stand alone resource that will aid you in dealing with a flooded Nikonos V camera. It is also a companion manual to our instructional video, "ER (Emergency Repair) for the Nikonos V Camera". Time codes shown beneath each picture in this guide, correspond with scenes in this video. The time codes will be helpful locating specific repair actions demonstrated in the video. You may find it beneficial to review the video and the book simultaneously.


What the Pros Say

"I take a copy of this tape and book with me on all of my photo trips. I consider them both to be essential pieces of my underwater photo equipment ."

- Jim Church, award winning underwater photographer, instructor and author.

"ER (Emergency Repair) for the Nikonos V Camera is an essential part of any underwater photographer's travel kit. The Nikonos V is the most popular underwater camera of all time, and for the thousands of Nikonos photographers out there, ER will keep them shooting even when the water ends up on the wrong side of the O ring."

- Stephen Frink, professional underwater photographer and author

"ER is an invaluable guide that addresses the most important steps and procedures for Nikonos First aid in the event a photographer experiences any accidental water leakage. It can be a camera life saver and belongs in every photographers camera bag just as much as film or extension tubes."

 - Frank Fennell, Nikon Inc.

Please Note:
By carefully following our procedures, you can reasonably expect to restore your Nikonos V to working order within a handful of hours, provided no major electronic damage has occurred. In more severe cases, where some electronic functions have been disrupted, you can at least expect to restore the manual firing capabilities of the Nikonos V camera and get back in the water to take pictures. Once you return home, your camera must be serviced to repair the damage caused by the flood. Maintenance and repairs should be performed by a trained service technician.

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